RTA Cabinets

The Traditional Series

Maplevilles’ Traditional Series RTA cabinets hearkens back to the cabinet making styles of the 1700’s and 1800’s in New England, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. The styles from these periods are reflected in our RTA cabinet doors and drawers by incorporating specific moldings and raised panels. We have 5 styles of RTA cabinets in the Traditional Series:

bridgeport image


charleston image


bridgeport image


madison image


savannah image


American Heritage Series

Maplevilles’ American Heritage Series is based on the simpler and more functional cabinetry expressed in several design movements such as Shaker, Arts and Crafts (Craftsman), Mission, and Farmhouse. Our American Heritage Series has 4 styles of RTA Cabinets: Capistrano Mission, Shaker Flush Mounted Doors and Drawers, Converted Shaker or Farmhouse, and California Craftsman.

capistrano mission image

Capistrano Mission

shaker flush mount image

Shaker Flush Mount

californian craftsman image

Californian Craftsman

Shaker Cabinet

Converted Shaker & Farmhouse