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At Maplevilles, we believe we make the best RTA inset cabinets in the business. We’re the number one provider in all of Los Angeles County, and we also maintain a nationwide network of reselling partners in three separate industries: contracting and building, interior design and retail sales. Members of these industries are eligible to join an exclusive network we call the Contractor’s Club. Participants in this club receive steep discounts and 6 month financing options when making wholesale purchases of our shaker flush-mounted cabinets. They also receive a range of marketing benefits that allow them to greatly improve their industry profile and reach their target consumer audience.

The Contractor’s Club is designed as an exclusive partnership between Maplevilles and contractors, interior designers and retailers throughout Los Angeles County and across America. This partnership provides industry-specific benefits for each of these three groups of wholesale cabinet buyers. All partners in our reseller program have access to all of our cabinets, white, grey, unfinished and custom colors, our container shipment program, and in-store displays.

How the Club Works

At Maplevilles, we know very well that not all businesses within a given industry are the same. For this reason, participation in our Contractor’s Club always starts with detailed planning and consultation sessions that allow us to assess the needs of your specific business and determine how to best support those needs. In this way, we aim to truly act as a contributing partner capable of supporting your endeavors now and in the future.

See some of the key details and perks of our reseller program:
• Planning and execution tailored specifically for your business
• Wholesale discounts up to 55% off
• Access to our container shipment program for consistent, low-cost inventory
• 6-month term financing options on all container orders
• Access to all our white, grey and unfinished RTA flush-mount shaker cabinets
• The ability to order custom colors for your clients
• Detailed marketing support that includes access to samples, brochures, and in-store displays

Contractors and Builders

All contractors and builders participating in Maplevilles’ Contractor’s Club gain access to our industry-specific container program. This program allows us to support your high-volume business with conveniently scheduled container shipments, steep discounts and generous credit terms.

The Contractor’s Club also provides participating contractors and builders with extensive marketing perks. We begin by creating a complete custom profile for your business on the Maplevilles site. Next we link this profile, which contains all the details of your services, to our site’s dealer locator tool. We also provide detailed marketing support for listings on Houzz and other online platforms that bring people seeking construction, renovation and remodeling help together with the professionals who specialize in these projects.

To see the full details of what we provide to contractors & builders and to find out how to get involved in our program, visit our Contractors & Builders page.

Interior Designers

The core of our Contractor’s Club services for interior designers is access to a full line of custom inset cabinet color options made possible through Maplevilles’ ongoing collaboration with paint and stain titan Sherwin Williams. When combined with the many benefits of our 100% hardwood plywood RTA cabinets, this complete range of choices makes it easy to fulfill your clients’ needs and wishes. We further support your efforts with accompanying product brochures and cabinet samples.

Like contractors and builders, interior designers also receive a custom profile on the Maplevilles website that provides plenty of room for important business details. An integrated link from this profile to our dealer locator tool gives you a completely new outlet for advertising your services to consumers looking for qualified design help. Designers also receive extensive support for marketing their services on online customer/provider platforms like Houzz. With their emphasis on visuals, these platforms can be especially potent forums for interior designers, who by the very nature of their work strive to have a lasting impact on the aesthetic appeal of their clients’ homes.


Like contractors, builders and interior designers, retailers in our Contractor’s Club gain access to Maplevilles’ top-quality inset cabinets while keeping their costs low and benefitting from favorable credit terms. We offer our retail partners a full slate of RTA cabinet options, including two stock grey models, two stock white models, an unfinished model and access to an endless selection of custom colors. In 2017, we will also begin offering fully assembled cabinets that uphold our enduring standards for durable workmanship and materials.

We also support all our retailer partners with a complete array of marketing materials designed to highlight the exceptional quality of Maplevilles products. These materials include brochures and small-scale samples that fit even the most limited in-store spaces. They also include full showroom packages that augment product literature with functional displays of our available cabinet models.

Maplevilles Means Quality and Savings

At Maplevilles, we refuse to accept MDF as a suitable construction material. All the products we make and sell are 100% hardwood plywood boxes, long known as a superior choice for quality cabinetmaking, solid wood frames and doors with MDF center panels. In addition, our cabinets come with premium hardware and are designed for smooth, trouble-free assembly and installation. As a member of our Contractor’s Club, you gain access to our entire line of first-rate products at a price that easily matches or betters your costs for inferior alternatives. When combined with the program’s extensive marketing benefits, we believe this value for money spent makes Club membership an ongoing asset to the health of your business. Contact us today for more details.

If you would like to find out more about the difference between 100% plywood cabinets and those made with MDF, see our blog that details the key features of both products and materials.


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